Friday, June 22, 2012

To Montessori?

Okay! Kids are napping (all three at the same time!) and let's be real, I don't have time for a long drawn out Blog post. In fact I had good intentions to post this sucker yesterday but here I sit, a day later. BLAH

Life is crazy. I can't say it enough. Mostly I just keep that on repeat in my head to remind me that it's life that is the crazy one... not me.

So here it is. A couple weeks ago we were playing at a local playground affiliated with Montessori school and it got my husband and I talking about what we'd like to see for our kids' educations. The answer was simple: if given the opportunity we'd love noting more than for them to attend Montessori school.

It doesn't take long after becoming a parent before you start hearing yourself say (It's okay if it's only in your head. No, that doesn't make you crazy.) "I'd do anything for my child(ren)" or "I want my kid(s) to have everything." For my husband and I that everything includes a quality education. Personally I enjoyed my schooling, but looking back I can recognize that it was more of a social gathering than anything else. No worries, I finished with a great g.p.a. and got into an excellent college. but while socializing is definitely important, it's not the only part of an education we'd like our kids to experience.

For us Montessori sounds great. You can check out the benefits here.

Things WE love about Montessori:
* It's child centered
Dr. Maria Montessori believed that children are capable of much more than they're typically required
* Children can explore their interests
* Some of the most interesting people we know received a Montessori education
Don't believe me? Check out my life-long friend Sara's Blog about her amazing global journeys

The down side of Montessori for us is that we're money poor and initially Montessori, especially with three kids close in age, is expensive. And so we will see, when the time comes, if this dream is an option for our family. For now we just play on their public playground and pretend.



  1. Did you know there are both government and private grAnt progrAms that are available for education at ANY age?! I know another fellow twin mom who got both her boys through an educational preschool program AND private catholic school solely on free grant money! (There's still hope!). ;)

    1. No, I did not! That definitely gives me hope :) I will look into it and if you have more information I would love to hear it! Thank you

  2. Central Elementary school on 8th street has a public Montessori program! Check it out.... I think they have a wait list!

    1. Thank you, Alison! I'm going to look into it right now. This is so exciting!


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