Sunday, June 24, 2012

Road Trip Down Memory Lane

Where do I begin?

Bob got a call from his dad (also Bob) on Friday saying that his Great Uncle Herman had passed away and alerting us to his wake and funeral that was taking place the next day. What's interesting about Bob's Great Uncle Herman is that he is Bob's grandfather's identical twin brother (did you get all that?).

Robert Hebel (the original, my husband's grandfather) passed away 34 years ago. Herman lived to be an old man and passed away at 91. Unfortunately I never got to meet him. I've heard so many kind and interesting things about him, it seems he enriched the life of everyone he knew.

We thought that it would be too hard for us to make the trip downstate (it was 2.5 hours one way) but I left the final decision up to Bob. He called me a couple hours later from work to say he'd made the arrangements for us to go. This gathering of family was something we did not want to miss. We officially had our first road trip to plan.

Both Bob and I were a little "out of it" for the rest of the night as we mentally prepared ourselves to handle three babies... in a new location, away from home, all day. We packed TONS of cloth diapers and wipes, extra outfits, sandwiches and snacks, toys, blankets, the playpen, two highchairs, the triple stroller, nursing cover, and whatever else we could get our hands on.

Saturday morning we planned to leave the house at 7:00 am. For once were actually up and coffeed before the boys even made a peep. That never happens! We were thrilled to be pulling out of the parking lot only forty minutes later than we originally intended.

On the way downstate we stopped at one of my husband's favorite places, Goodale's Bakery. He says this place spoiled him for any other doughnut and so without a doubt we had to indulge. I'm so angry glad my husband introduced me to this place.

We made it downstate with minimal screaming and even found the Church, despite the missing roadsigns. Everyone was thrilled to see the babies, especially Bob's grandmother Margaret who was surprised simply by our showing up. Herman had a beautiful service that we witnessed from inside the "cry room" designed for loud babies. Perfect!

After the service everyone gathered across the street in a giant hall to eat and reminisced or, in our case, meet for the first time.

Bob II / Bob III
Baby Rah Rah with Mary
After being good for so long it was time to let the boys run free!
They ate rocks...
They climbed trees...
They chased Olivia with a stick...
Ayara and her Grandpa

We congregated near our mounds of "stuff". You know, the bare necessities when you have three babies: a giant stroller, car seat, two diaper bags, reusable tote, box of wipes, etc. etc. etc...

Three generations
THIS is how you pose for a picture!
On the way home we took advantage of our opportunities once again and stopped here:

and here:

We knew it was time to head home when we started making these faces while babies cried in order to make ourselves feel better:

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