Thursday, July 12, 2012

Photo Drop

This post was originally started on Tuesday, was meant for Wednesday and now has trickled down to Thursday. You're welcome. I was hoping to have a Wordless Wednesday post since there are SO many photos (yay, that means we've been doing LOTS) but it's all working out because most of these pictures will be better with captions anyway.

I hope you popped some popcorn because this is longer than any feature film.

We spent some time last week at Grammys (or as Soleil calls her "Annma"; he says her name is too good to pass up as some form of grandma - smart kid). The boys love playing with toys they've forgotten about.

Like this Little Mermaid car haha

I always knew that I wanted my kids to be able to express themselves with whatever color, toy, clothing choice they might choose, but his face in these pictures is priceless.

Taylen: "Why do you always make me do the 'girly' stuff?"
Me: "Oh, you don't remember? You were going to be a girl up until mommy was 30 weeks pregnant!"
"Okay then... moving on."

We also received a new prezzie for the boys from Grandma and Grandpa Weaver this week: a mirror. As if these kids weren't cute enough already. Now they can't get enough of themselves either!

Another ADORABLE face brought to you courtesy of Tayter Sammich

Big brother Soleil gave it a go playing with his little bros. They, of course, destroyed every block tower and pyramid he so happily created. Nothing works to deter these wrecking balls!
His well-thought-out creation to eliminate further wreckage (which also did not work).

Living in Northern Michigan we HAD to visit Moomers Ice Cream. In all honesty I can't believe it's taken us this long to get there. Google 'em, they're the best! America said so!

Soleil's was the only pin from his area in Nevada.

The boys aren't crazy about ice cream WHAT? Are these really my kids?  But I don't complain... more for me. At least they're open-minded and try.

This place is extra cool because the dairy cows are right on site. You can stand on this stinky balcony and overlook the manure fields while you eat. YUM! But seriously, it's chill. Get it? chill?
A kid from the desert (he IS made in MI, though) thinks this part is real nice.

Our stroller recently broke after a poopsplosion necessitated a hose down session SO Ayara now rides in the middle creating some much needed jumbo stroller aesthetic.

"mmm, tasty" -Dayr
"give me more!"
And finally we tried out a new beach together... all six of us. Luckily we had the place to ourselves because diapers go flyi' when these boys see waves.
D drinking out of a random trash find
Tay Cheeks

"Bum Voyage!" hehe

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