Thursday, August 23, 2012

missing, craving, anticipating, thinking about, singing 

Twins are...

Missing out on the beauty of a haircut. We've been hesitant and slightly sentimental about cutting their hair, and they now look homely. There's something beautiful and innocent about their long curls forming at the nape of their necks, and the feeling I get when I swipe their hair out of their eyes.

Craving Yo Gabba Gabba for sure. These boys are addicted to that show! We can be having a completely screenless day and somehow they remember and run to the computer (we don't have a TV) saying "babba?" That means Yo Gabba Gabba. I don't mind the show, they've actually learned some sweet dance moves because of it, but Netflix only has 40 some episodes, and the monotony is starting to wear on me.

Anticipating their next meal. We have some lean, mean, eating machines on our hands! They're always down for food.

Thinking about caterpillars? Sunshine? I really don't know but my guess would be their amazing new Very Hungry Caterpillar wall decals courtesy of Anytime we enter or leave their room their fingers are in the air saying "suh-shy" (sunshine) or "kah-koo" (coccoon). Stay tuned for photos and a full run-down soon!

Singing in their own made-up twin language. Often when we drive in the car they're in "harmony" in the back seat singing away in super sweet twin code - so cute!

I am...

Missing sweets. I'm giving a healthy diet and exercise a good effort, but I can't deny that I grew up on sweets and treats, and I miss them both dearly.

Craving would have been a better place to cover "missing" in my case but there's no going back now. At this very moment I'm craving sleep. Then why don't I go to bed? Because I'm blogdicted. Don't judge me.

Anticipating doing my first "link up" on Thursday (today!) with Harvesting Kale's Blog. I've never participated in one before! I found the "Currently" linky while blog-stalking them; I'm in awe and inspired by her Montessori-derived creativity.

Thinking about living in a new home. We want so desperately to have a yard! Six small legs want to crawl, run, play, roll, climb... you get the point.

Singing along with the many birds that have frequented our feeders and morning glory flowers outside the window this morning. -smile-
Harvesting Kale


  1. I'm constantly wiping the hair out of Kale's eyes and he looks like cross between a hippie and a shaggy dog, but I know that cutting his locks will make him look so much older and I just can't do it!

    Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog. I'm so happy you linked up!

    1. I actually gave in and cut the boys' hair, and they do look much older :( pics to come soon, and thanks for having me! :)


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