Friday, August 24, 2012

Frugal Friday [road trip]

Happy Friday!
as we (now) like to call it: Frugal Friday!

This weeks idea is brought to you by yours truely,
and includes packing a picnic and taking advantage of some of the
free beauty in your "backyard".

Hartwick Pines State Park.
Fun day-stination.
We love parks... and history.
This trip was both, rolled into one!

We enjoyed walking trails, feeding a chipmunk and climb-on equipment
(we didn't see the "no climb" signs in time)

Also has:
Largest stand of virgin pines in Michigan's lower peninsula
Logging Museum replicating life in the 1880's
And this mammoth: The Monarch Pine

The boys enjoyed the old equipment
... and the playground
Keep it Simple:
  • Don't buy souvineers. You're going to forget about them anyway. Instead take a bunch of free pictures, then print off the best one or two for cheap.
  • Take a Buddy. Get a friend to roadtrip with you; free entertainment and someone to split the gas.
  • Feed Yourself. Food from tourist spots can cost an arm and a leg. Don't pay in limbs. Instead pack water bottles, snacks for the car ride and a lunch for after your hike.

Do you have an awesome addition for Frugal Friday? Link up so we can all see!


  1. Great photos! That looks like a fun outing.

    1. Thanks Alyssa, it really was a fun outing and it felt good to learn about local history with my family, for free!


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