Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nature Bag

What's: eco-friendly,
 designed to replicate tools used by indiginous people,
sturdy, versatile
and unlike anything you've seen before?
Don't forget it looks great being carried by my husband!

Answer:  the Nature Bag.

If I can do it with ALL that extra cargo then you can deifnitey manage {hehe}

Recently I received the simple yet efficient Pakh style Nature Bag.

My husband and I "packed" the Nature Bag (it fit neatly in his front pocket, without looking inappropriate) and headed to the local market.
I was impressed by how much I could cram into one tiny mesh holdall.
It held six peppers, a head of chard, and a bunch of beets, all without missing... a beat!
Disclaimer: Most hours of the day are spent inside with children. I promise many cheesy puns on this Blog.

Nature Bag's good side:
  • Small size fits virtually anywhere
  • natural materials (Junglevine) resist dirt and stains I loaded mine with colorful food and barely notice a tinge
  • It's quality built. Holes and rips, if they occur, tend to be contained by the intricate weaving together of the vines.
  • It has many uses after it's done being a Nature Bag: It will decompose nicely, buried after use, with the strap removed (reuse the strap to be truely green), it can be used as a skin exfoliant (think loofah), or attached to other cleaning cloths to make them more abrasive.

Nature Bag's down side:
  • It is a bag made in a mesh-style and so there are significantly sized "holes" or gaps in the fabric which would make transporting any small object difficult 
  • Life expectancy is around two years which means you'll probably invest more than once
  • Rough material means wearing it over a tee shirt sleeve (or the like) is necessity.
I love this bag. Not only does it go with any outfit, it can be used for any shopping trip (and fits everywhere, too). Take it to the grocery store, farmer's market, department store, or to drop off goods to a friend. I don't care where you take it, just get one. You'll be glad you did!

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