Wednesday, August 1, 2012

San Diego Bebe Nursing Pillow & Double Blessings

Oh how I yearned for a simple way to breastfeed twins, but alas, none ever arrived. Now that I am well into my second nursing journey I've had the pleasure of experiencing the San Diego Bebe nursing pillow thanks to Double Blessings.

There was something I noticed about this pillow from the moment I arrived; It was going to be beneficial whether I used it for breastfeeding or not.

What? How can that be?  My curious 18-month-old duo was well into a jumping-on-the-box fest before I could even look it over. When I finally got a chance to confiscate my wares, it was still good-as-new. This tells me I've got one sturdy pillow on my hands!

That same night I sat down, eager to try this interesting contraption. It has all kinds of bells and whistles that make it look extra fancy, but that's simply a cover for it's understated convenience.
speaking of fancy, check out these sassy covers!

I got comfy on the couch, in my usual cross-legged position, and loaded myself in. Super easy. Originally I tried tucking the back support pillow (included with every nursing pillow purchase!) in between the back strap and me... WRONG! Once I placed it on the outside of the back strap I could sit much more comfortably. It gave me a little cushion on my lower spine, which helped eliminate some of the strain I typically feel when I undoubtedly hunch over while nursing. Plus number one.

I laid down my four-month-old daughter and, as most infants do, she began to roll. I gasped, then realized I didn't have to worry; the solid support around the edge held her in! Plus number two.

Once she was latched on I single-handedly pulled out the detachable mesh nursing cover and slipped the cushion-lined neck strap over my head. Voila! I was nursing in private in my own living room! I was thinking "this would have made life SO much easier with my twins!" Nursing them in front of my father and brother while trying to remain modest and discrete was nearly impossible and very warm considering I used a micro fleece throw. I felt no temperature change with the mesh cover in place. ahhhh... a sigh of relief.  Plus number three.

When you're done with the cover you just roll it, or if you're lazy like me gather it in your hand, and tuck it back under the elastic cover.  It's out of sight and still looks neat. Plus number four.

Now for the goodies! Double Blessings has decided to give one lucky reader their very own single OR twin San Diego Bebe nursing pillow! YES! If I didn't already have one I'd be all over this! All you need to do is enter via the rafflecopter form below. Good luck! I can't wait for you to win!

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  1. Ask other Breastfeeding mums what their favourites are. It's always great to have someone the same size as you tell you what has worked for them. As mothers come in all sizes, what suits one may not suit another.


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