Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Baby Signs

Thanks to Baby Einstein (I would never buy it, we watch it for FREE on YouTube) our 18-month-old twins can now sign:

mommy, daddy, baby, ball, bath, story, eat, drink, kiss, blanket, milk, stop, no, cereal, thank you

We've been teaching them some since they were about six months old: more, all done, please, night-night, and those they've known for quite some time. The rest they've learned over the past week, and have seen only two or three times... and are pros! 

PLUS (two bonuses)
#1 - Ayara gets to overhear/see them learning and absorbs it [I think]
#2 - It also includes a Spanish round of words!

If you want to watch just search Baby Einstein - Learning English on YouTube


  1. We loved Baby Einstein! I can't tell you how many hours of my life I would hear the music, the cds and the movies in my house!!! Beautiful memories!

  2. Signing is so essential with twins! Try Signing Time; my girls loved them!!

  3. I never watched Baby Einstein, but my daughter loves Little Einsteins like crazy. She knew some of the music I had to learn for a music appreciation class last year!


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