Monday, September 17, 2012

Bare Wall Therapy [Dali Decals Review + Giveaway]

 You know our story:
blank walls

So we searched high and low for the best wall covering fashions
and came up with a few faves,
at the top of our new list is Dali Decals.
Look how easy they are to apply:

1. Cut out the decals and place them where they'll go. Line them up easily using the grid backing. 

2. Peel off the grid backing and use the included squeegee to smooth out any wrinkles
Swirling Flowers in Kelly Green

It's just that easy.

Here are some helpful things you might want to know about Dali Decals:
What are they?
"Dali Decals are an inexpensive and innovative way to transform any room! Wall decals are like large self adhesive designs that adhere to the wall and are created in the design and color of your choice! They are simple to install and take less time than painting. They are also removable so that when you are ready to transform your room again, all you have to do is peel them off!"

How easy are they to install?
Dali Decals come with installation instructions as well as a convenient squeegee for application.  Step-by-step directions are available on their website!

And what about removal?
Dali Decals are easy to remove! Simply start at one corner, roll them down at an angle and gently peel off the wall.

What I liked:
Well, there are a million, hundreds of designs to choose from (can be good and bad I suppose, took me a while to choose!) and every single one is completely customizable from a pallet of 84 colors, including metallic, glossy and matte finishes. The grid backings make lining them up on the walls a cinch, and shipping was ridiculously fast so I didn't get impatient. Also, they send test decals with every order so you can practice and play before committing to the big mambo jambo. They even have a section for designing your own decal!
What I'd Change:
Nothing.  Lame, I know, but for the first time I couldn't think of anything to change.
Price to Buy:
$10 - $200 depending on design. Conveniently they have an entire section marked $10 designs!
Bonus: use code Hands5Off at checkout to get 5% off of ANY order
I'm so happy with our decals. Our old, outdated apartment kitchen now has a little pizazz and truthfully I love to look at it. I even love to clean it now! Hmm... whodathunk!
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  1. What a great review, those are so cute. I am going to check them out for my youngest son's room.

  2. These look so perfect for kids room too! or the laundry room!

  3. I love the Happy Owls and Birds in the colorful tree. So cute!!

  4. My son would love the Mini Happy & Fun Dinosaurs - Printed Wall Decals.

  5. Dandelion Blowing in the Wind - Wall Decals for me, Tall Tree with Leaves Blowing in the Wind - Wall Decals -for my son

  6. I love the "Quotes", to many to name them all, but one favorite is "Be Our Guests" for my guest room, very unique and a pleasant surprise for guests.

  7. I love the dandelion! I want that one.

  8. Very cute - love the creativity over the sink :)

  9. I love these!! SO cute! I love the flowers!

  10. That is so cute, you did a wonderful job!

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