Thursday, October 25, 2012

Currently: October 25, 2012

I am...

Worrying about as little as I possibly can, but even with all the effort put toward being a stress-free mommy
, it seems I am fighting an uphill battle. This was evident with the pain and tightness in my chest last night. I am postiive that it was nothing to worry about but I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me wonder about a heart attack.

Wishing that our sleep patterns could be a little more... normal. We've been "sleep training" for a few weeks now and with the addition of new teeth coming in that too feels like a lost cause. The rational me knows that in a month or two I will look back and be proud but the tired un-caffeinated me feels wore out. On a positive note we're already seeing improvements!

Listening to the wind. Pure + Simple. When the kids are sleeping it's quiet, and I like it that way. The same goes for driving: no music. I can actually hear myself think. In fact I used to be one of those get-in-the-car-get-on-the-phone types because I enjoyed the feeling of "accomplishing" something (you know, by having a conversation while driving). Now I take every minute I can (right now, for instance) and listen to the wind, or the rain (more common recently) or the airplanes. dang flight-path.

Observing the subtle changes in my children. It is so hard, repeat: SO HARD, for me to remember that the days are short, although they feel long, and that "this too shall pass" (a daily mantra) includes the bad things and the good. Today I looked for a long time into my daughters eyes and although she cannot speak I felt she told me that she loved me. She is a strong communicator, even without the use of words. It saddens me to think that I could have easily missed that.

Considering cutting off all my hair... still. A perfect example of how having three babies might change someone's life. I used to be a go-getter 100% of the time, some might even have called it impulsive. With the addition of three tots to consider, I find it easier to let things go longer without taking action (not all the time, just some). Great when it comes to spending money, not so great for dishes, vacuuming, laundry etc.



  1. Honestly, I have never thought about the fact that the good will pass right along with the bad. Thank you for that reminder to slow down and Thank God for what we have right now, before it's gone. <3

  2. Yes! Loving everyone's currentlys..Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love your picture up top. Such a cutie. I'm trying to be a stress-free mom too and it's not easy. Hang in there :)

  4. "This too shall pass" is a daily mantra for me too. Chin up, mama, you're doing a great job.


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