Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Living a year (or two) of the Frugal life sure trains your ears and eyes to know when to spot something good! This year we weren't sure if we'd celebrate Halloween with our 20-month-old twins and six-month-old daughter yet somehow we ended up attending four different events and still saved a pretty penny.
How we saved:
  • We bought pajamas that doubled as costumes
  • Rolled duct tape over holy shoes to make costume-matching gear
  • Used hand-me-down costumes when possible
  • Took homemade treats to a party
  • Only attended FREE events (no cover/admission fee)
Our first event was downtown store-front trick-or-treating.
Our second event was a FREE party at the State Theatre featuring snacks, cartoons, and a haunted Basement tour (which we opted not to see due to the boys age). Ayara skipped this one and had some grammy time.

Blurry? Unfortunately. Cute? Certainly!
Dayr Duck
Chocolate Monster Monkey Taylen
So sweet, they fell asleep in the car and slept in the grocery cart!

Then we packed up the crew and took part in a free parade and healthy treats at the Library

Dayr won a book! 
And finally we stayed warm indoors while Hurrican Sandy's caboose blustered outside.
 Halloween Party at friend Becky's house
 [Wednesday - Hallowen Day]

My husband's awesome Halloween creation:
1. pretzels in a cut-out pumpkin bowl
2. pumpkin dip [pumpkin + whipped topping]
3. hotdog + crescent roll mummies with mustard eyes!
4. all in a homemade display tray

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Cute costumes! We use hand-me-down costumes 99% of the time. The only exceptions are when Grandma buys them or they are $4 at Savers.


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