Monday, January 28, 2013

Easy Broiled Tofu Dinner

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You might be participating in a Meatless Monday, eat tofu out of love, or have to cook it out of necessity, but whatever the case this Easy Broiled Tofu Dinner is sure to please. Great for families with kids (I should know), people on-the-go (this I also know!), or anyone wanting to enjoy some soy!

  • Start by cutting a few containers of tofu into 1x2 inch strips.
Note: most tofu comes packed in water, drain and pat dry first!

  • Toss the tofu into a big bowl and cover with a few shakes of Liquid Aminos or low sodium soy sauce and a few caps full of lemon juice (or fresh squeezed if you have it).

  • Cut carrots lengthwise and then lengthwise again so you have four "triangle-ish shaped" pieces, cut those pieces into 2 inch sticks.
I used baby carrots so they were already two inches!

  • Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and lay the marinated tofu and carrots on it in a single layer.

  • Broil on High for 20-30 minutes, turning every 5-6 minutes to brown.

  • Serve with whole-grain wild rice.

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  1. Tofu is kind of intimidating, but I think I should try it!

  2. Is the pic above the "done" picture after broiling? Your recipe says to brown, but it looks white to me. Would love to see it after broiling if that is not the done picture. I don't know if tofu would go over well in my house, but who knows. :-)

  3. Not going to get ToFu in my house, it would have to be hidden under a cover of gravy or chocolate.... I know people who like it, love it ....enjoy :)

  4. This looks super delicious! I love Tofu!

  5. I've never tried tofu, but this might make me at least give it try.... Maybe.... lol

  6. I love tofu depending on how it is prepared. I will have to try this, it looks easy which is right up my alley!

  7. I recently bought some tofu to add to my protein shakes but I am going to give this a try!


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