Thursday, January 24, 2013

Give me Three

Even though today started with crying children, and since their waking (only three hours ago)I have already mopped the dish soap-covered floor, given three baths, done two loads of diarrhea laundry, paraded around the house in less-than-appropriate clothing due to mine being soap and poo-covered (what a combo!), and even though my husband was up early feeling like crud and off quick to work before we really got to say "hello," and even though the mess from family dinner last night strayed unwanted into this mornings breakfast ordeal, and even though I'm starting to sniffle myself despite the fact that I've been sneaking Emergen-C between microwaving baby girls cereal and tending to needy toddlers... Even though ALL of that is going on (plus more, I'm sure!), I can still find reasons to smile! How? Because even though life gets hard sometimes (or a few times a day if you're me) there is good every where you look, if you're only willing to see it.

Three Reasons to Smile:

1. You Woke Up.

Oh, gee, that sounds so ... obvious. That's because it is! Sometimes it's the simple things right in front of our face that we fail to realize. According to the US Census Bureau there is one death every 13 seconds. If you ask me that's 1) a lot, and 2) reason to have a mini-party every 13 seconds we're alive!

2. Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

It can be very endearing to celebrate special occasions with festivities, treats, and even presents. But what if we lived every day that way? My husband shared with me his mentality that "every day is a celebration" and since meeting him I've found joy in simple things. He doesn't necessarily stop and pose for photographs to enjoy as memories later, but instead enjoys the moments while they are occurring. (What an idea!) If more of us did this we would find reason over and over again to rejoice in our every day.
3. It Could Always be Worse

When someone cuts me off in traffic or makes a rude remark about my family or myself, it can be difficult to hold my tongue, and even more so to muster a smile. So I made up a little game that I play inside my head whenever someone starts to get the best of me. I tell myself all of the reasons why that person might be having a less-than-perfect day. Then, instead of feeling crass I can feel sympathy, or maybe even empathy, and let the comment or gesture roll off me easier. An example is this "maybe that man just came from the Doctor where he learned some life-changing news", or "maybe that woman is driving so shitty silly because she just went into labor." The truth is that we never know what someone else is going through. So buck up, Sally! Someone out there's got it worse that you!
And in case that wasn't enough motivation,
here are my three favorite reasons to smile, cheesin' it up just for you:

 photo SANY7233_zpsa1a417d5.jpg  photo SANY7430_zps7a54733e.jpg  photo SANY7262_zps56c1437b.jpg  photo SANY7365_zpsec7b5968.jpg
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  1. Ever seen the remake of Charlottes Web? Wilbur transforms the whole barnyard because he recognizes and appreciates the "ordinary miracles"! Love this reminder!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Haha, love the pic's and thanks for the chuckle, sure I can laugh because I wasn't in the midst of all of the above...but glad you could smile your way through it all, way to go Mom!

  3. Every time I clean up a mess from my little one or have stained clothes and look horrible, I still smile and think about how blessed I am not to miss it. When I first started staying home my husband called me and asked how my day was, I told him "I was thrown up on, had a diaper explode, had not had time to change was scrubbing floors and did not think dinner was going to happen (even though I had not had breakfast or lunch yet), my day is great thank you for letting me experience this" Yes he thought I was nuts. Life is beautiful, enjoy it.


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