Wednesday, February 6, 2013


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At this I am no good.      At least not yet!

With a little help from Stay a Stay at Home I'm taking the reins.

Starting with coupons, in which I've been dabbling since watching Extreme Couponing on Netflix. In its entirety. Out of pure boredom.

My favorite thing is when they snag totally unnecessary free stuff!
Which I've yet to figure out how to do... hmmpfh.

But anyway, here goes!

I bought an organizer thingy.

I made colored index cards using my new 80's Glam Sharpies. No big deal.

Categories are as follows:

Baby, Baking, Beverages, Breads, Breakfast
Canned Goods, Condiments, Dairy/Frige,
Frozen, Fresh, General, Snacks, Paper Products
Laundry, Cleaning Supplies, Oral Care, Makeup
Feminine Hygiene, Hair Care, Soaps, Other Personal Care
OTC Meds, Restaurants, Store-Specific Discounts

And from here... I don't know. Will keep you posted. Wish me luck!

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