Tuesday, February 5, 2013


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This is how we stay warm in Northern Michigan! It's 7 degrees here today.

Plus I wanted to show you the new tribal leggings I got from Charlotte Russe - aren't they cute? See, crazy busy moms can still have style!

PLUS I wanted to share something fun. See those legs? Those are mine. My hope is that they're on their way to being less round than they are... SO I joined MyFitnessPal (it's free!) this week and it's already helped me:

  • Set a realistic weight-loss goal (including not scheduling any official "work outs")
  • Count the Calories, Fat, Carbs and Proteins I eat
  • Finally stick with a weight-loss system
Can you tell I'm excited?
Bob joined, too, but his goal is to gain weight!

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  1. Love the leggings! I like Myfitnesspal too! It's really easy to log the info!

  2. My daughter loves Charlotte Russe. I bet she would love those leggings, too. At any rate, yours legs are less round than mine, hehe!


  3. Very Cute!!!! I love bold print :)

  4. Wish all the luck, oh and your feet look just like mine only I am in Northern NH and luckily tonight we are about +15 degrees :)

  5. Love the leggings,good luck on getting in shape. I need to check out that app but am waiting to find one of those fitness tracking bands that can help enter the info for me.

  6. Cute :-) I saw some heated slippers and told my husband he HAD to get them for me, lol

  7. I'm SUCH a fan of myfitnesspal!! find me, getfitmandi!

  8. Oh my goodness that's cold! Yes. Stay warm and stay inside today, lol :-)

  9. Good luck! I really like MFP. It helps a TON.


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