Monday, February 25, 2013


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The last time we traveled was October 2011, and that was a cross-country move - with eight-month-old twins -  from Nevada to Michigan. I loved seeing the country through the windshield of our minivan but this time we're doing it different.

This time we're taking a pleasure cruise to good 'ole Nashville, Tennessee! Yee haw!

We're leaving at the end of March and temperatures should be classy in the mid 70's. Nothing like the arctic tundra we'll be leaving behind.

We decided to go for the five days Bob will have off from work already due to "Spring cleaning," if you will.

With Operation "McNashty" - that's what I've named it, what do you think? - only about a month away we're getting the ball rolling on planning to make for a super smooth ride.

One Month to Departure and We've:

  • Tuned up the car- oil change, new battery, replaced windshield wipers, etc.
  • Estimated Fuel Costs -
  • Mapped multiple routes - quickest drive time, most fun tourist stops, etc.
  • Rough-drafted packing lists for all family members
  • Secured a place to stay - Bob's brother lives in Nashville, score!

We're stoked to be taking a family road trip. Like I said, we haven't been anywhere for fun in a long. time. Will update more as the trip gets closer.

What are your travel plans this year? Do you see a road trip in your near future?


  1. Wooo! I am TOTALLY going to blow up your blog & Facebook with suggestions. We're going down south the same time, too! So funny! (we've talked about sneaking over to Nashville at the end of our trip, but not sure if we'll be able to swing it or not). I miss so many things about the city. SO many.


    ps: you guys are BRAVE.

    1. I hope you do, Hillary! I would love any and all suggestions for making it a smooth ride. It would be awesome if we were in Nashty at the same time! I'd LOVE to see y'all :)
      ps- I KNOW we're brave, haha, but we did it once...

  2. My favorite coffee joints: Fido (it's in Hillsboro Village, AWESOME shopping, also Pancake Pantry is there & is a MUST even though you have to endure a long line, it's like a rite of passage) Frothy Monkey (awesome tofu sandwich and coffees...Adam Percy works there too!) Belmont Ave is my old stompin' grounds, I live in the giant Belmont Ave Apartments next to PM (which is totally yummy) there's an asian market there and another coffee shop, Bongo Java. I didn't really do much of the touristy stuff. I loved to hang at coffee shops, spend all my money at the Green Hills mall and Whole Foods. Music Row is fun, and there is awesome on Demonbruen. If you can get your brother in law to baby-sit, which you SHOULD, you check out the Basement, Mercy Lounge, Christopher Pizza, 12th & Porter...all great music venues I once books shows at.

    Seems like so long ago.

  3. Great tips. We've road-tripped it so many times with kids... so much cheaper than flying although that would have been less painful. This year the boys are taking a camping trip to Canada and my daughter and I are hopefully headed to NYC! They'll be driving. We'll be flying. ;)

  4. We are taking a train in the summer, Im excited! We don't travel often.

  5. Great list of the things I need to do before our trip next month! Thank you for the reminder!

  6. Love road trips!!! And coming to Nashville - how fun!

  7. I am going to be planning our vacation for next year soon. I know it is early but never too early to plan. Good luck can not wait for your tips on traveling with kids.

  8. Great tips! You are so prepared! Definitely book-marking this post for my next vacation!

  9. I don't travel often, but in August we are going to Colorado for a week of camping. My parents, my siblings, their spouses, and six grandkids. It's going to be chaos and fun.

  10. I didn't know there was a website to calculate fuel cost. That's awesome! Thanks for the info!


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