Friday, February 1, 2013


We've been crazy busy since Christmas - well, really we've been crazy busy since the twins were born but in an attempt to focus, we'll say Christmas - and a lot has been happening in our World!
We're - by "we" I mean Bob - still painting the main living space in our home... but we're getting so close to being done!
To avoid the foot-high snow drifts and less-than-tropical weather we're staying indoors and...
Having a Tea Party!
 photo SANY7407_zps3bd1ce89.jpg
Eating... a lot!

 photo SANY7564_zpsdf3ca72a.jpg
 photo SANY7568_zps1fb53a99.jpg

Helping Daddy Paint
 photo SANY7629_zpsc72ea6d5.jpg
... and Painting our nails!

 photo SANY7607_zps199ce54b.jpg
Climbing with "Boris"
 photo SANY7627_zps4ad05a8e.jpg
 photo SANY7628_zps16453815.jpg
Smearing on Smoothie
(Yep! That's my son!)
 photo SANY7596_zpsd3268efe.jpg
Testing the BIG Potty Waters for the First Time
 photo SANY7573_zpsf652768a.jpg
 photo SANY7572_zpsd88b859d.jpg
Reading ... and reading, and reading, and reading
 photo SANY7626_zps97a6347e.jpg

 Taking Classy Close-Ups
 photo SANY7445_zps13905dc1.jpg
 photo SANY7441_zpsa6b8316a.jpg
We'd love to hear what you've been up to, too!
Hope you've been having a ball, like us!
 photo SANY7652_zps2864fa7f.jpg

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  1. Oh, your boys are so cute! You really are a proud mama. So adorable! Beautiful photos here!!!


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