Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day From... "Hell-o, Inspiration!"

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Walk with me for a minute through my day from hell. I'll be brief so as not to bore you with my pain:
11:00: Finally made it to Library - no "story time" today.
1:30: Finished grocery shopping. Receipt flies out of cart in parking lot and lands in slush, van parks over reciept. Quarrel with Bob because babies have not been sleeping but are instead awake and crying, again.
2:30: Attempt to give all three babies a nap. Twins learn to climb out of their cribs.
4:00: Twins not napping. Grab now-awake baby girl to check on them and notice she's playing in her crib with a PLASTIC BAG. Open twins door to find one twin puked; other twin says "I poops in there" (meaning his butt).
6:00: Make Dinner. Shake spice packet which explodes everywhere including on me.
8:00: Bed.
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crying // exploding
mess on mom // puke
Of course there were hugs and snuggles and laughter in there, too, but those do nothing to emphasize the struggles of the day.


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"Good Morning" life inspiration!
Needless to say I was in dior need of a pick-me-up.
Thankfully we had a stash of Thought Spots because without their gentle reminders I might have lost my cool.
I put an "I am Strong" Big Thought right on the fridge so I would see it as I walked around, cleaned, fed my family. It was a perfect reminder to take a deep breath and remember that "it's okay". Seems so simple, right?
The other words that helped were these: "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."
Everything I had experienced was an opportunity to learn. Thank you Thought Spots for reminding me of that!
Use them to praise, motivate, teach, inspire and share with packs for men, women, children and packs for giving as gifts.
Brighten someone's day. Pay it forward. And watch the smiles spread. After the day I'd had I'm glad I did!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like a rough day. :( I hope today is better!

    1. Thank you Jessica. It is SO much better! Doesn't get much worse that that ^ does it? :) I count my blessings for sure but that was definitely a challenge!

  2. Everyday with littles is a challenge isn't it! Just remember to slow down an enjoy the happy moments :)

    1. Good point! Every day does have unique challenges!

  3. Wow sounds like it should have been a Monday, well hopefully tomorrow will be better...

  4. I really like those, we rarely hear the encouraging words we need.

  5. mess on mom"... the babies like this very much!

  6. Oh being a mommy! It's hard. Those are the days when you just can't wait until it's over. Good thing we get to start fresh every day!


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