Wednesday, April 17, 2013


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I could not for the life of me figure out why I was so tired or why I didn't feel one bit like blogging. Then I remembered.

My sweet Ayara turned ONE this week, took her first steps and stopped nursing and, to top it all off, we threw her a stellar lemonade themed Birthday party complete with 18 adult + 17 tots. My math isn't always reliable but that's like 35 people! Gulp.

What does a lemonade themed party look like you ask? From start to end here are the deets:

Ayara wore her new Matilda Jane duds from our mommy/daughter rendezvous a few months back and she, without a doubt, stole the show.

As is life, things didn't go completely as planned. The only family photo we remembered to take was LONG after everyone had gone, Ayara ripped Pin the Tail on the Zebra off the wall before guests even began to arrive, and the piƱata, despite the oldest kids' valiant attempts to destroy it, did not budge. One bit.

A lot of cake (two cakes, a pile of cupcakes, strawberry shortcake, and a load of ornate lemon-shaped cookies to be exact) was consumed, along with, of course, the classic lemonade. Of which there was also a strawberry version.

I nicknamed foods to fit the theme just for fun. For example:

Iced tea became mud puddles
Cheese sauce was sunshine dip
Guacamole was fresh-cut-grass
And sour cream was snow because, unfortunately, we still have some here.

Overall I was channeling my inner Spring Diva.

And! Great news! I did not get overwhelmed because I:
Started shopping weeks in advance, decorated days ahead of time, and took help whenever it was offered. To all who were involved in those tasks I thank you.

A giant thank you to my husband who said "we can say this is our party all we want but we both know this is your thing". And put up with my partyzilla antics anyway. And made his princess a kickass pink birthday cake!

Thanks to generous gifts Ayara will sun this summer in style, play to her hearts content, and do it all looking absolutely adorable.

Thank you to everyone who made our little girl's big day so special. We truly could not have asked for a more perfect day, in every way.

And now... an homage to my new iPhone and the stellar shots it is capable of:

The Calm Before The Storm // Decorating // Crazy Mum & Dad
Mom's Finished Product // Dad's Finished Product

Treats to Give // Treats to Eat

Helping Mom Feel Pretty // Candies // Birthday Diamonds

Amidst the Chaos // The Chaos 
Crazy Uncle Bo //Cupcake Animal

My Love (Ayara) // Her Love (frosting)

Talented SIL // Made by Me!


  1. Hi there. I just found your blog. It looks like your daughter had a great party! Doesn't time just fly by. My twin girls are turning one in less than a month! I am in shock how fast it went. I wanted a small intimate party but it turned into 80 adults and 16 kids!!!!!!!!!! We are having a ballerina themed party.

  2. Too moved for words from your photos. unbelievable party, family and birthday girl!

  3. What a great looking party! Very inspiring! And you look super beautiful by the way!

    1. Thank you Megan! I hoped and wished for a good hair day (I was really overdue) and I think it came through! You're so kind :)


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