Thursday, April 11, 2013


 photo SANY9322_zps603872c8.jpgEaster will be hard to top from now on.

Last year Ayara was making her way in to the world making that, by far, the most eventful and interesting Easter I've had yet.

This year we made candy-less Easter Baskets, celebrated Bob's Birthday, had an impromptu dinner with my in-laws, and searched indoors for eggs. Doesn't sound too climactic, but it was special in its own way.

Ayara loved her non-sweet treats! She was especially fond of her Baby Fortune Cookie Booties c/o Uncommon Goods. The soft-soled tootsie covers come with sweet "fortunes" and fold up in to petite Chinese take-out boxes. Tres chic! Spoiler Alert! Fortunes read: "From small beginnings come great things" on one bootie and "An amazing adventure awaits you" on the other. Bonus: They're handmade in the USA! Be still my heart.

 photo SANY9306_zps7a81665f.jpg photo SANY9312_zps16643500.jpg

 photo SANY9319_zpsc72dfad3.jpg
What would Easter be without Three Stooges Bop Bags? c/o Boppa - thanks, dad!

We were the first to arrive at Grandma's for dinner. We love getting together with family!

Here we have years and years of celebration evidence.

 photo SANY9341_zpsca32008b.jpg

I've mentioned before how talented my in-laws are. Case-in-pointL homemade cutting board from Uncle Bo:

 photo SANY9327_zps670796e7.jpg

And lucky husband had a Birthday the following day. He donned a New Year's hat like a champ and enjoyed his Birthday Bundt.
 photo SANY9355_zpsa900ac20.jpg My three happy hunters pleased as punch with their Easter finds. Little miss ate a whole Reese's Cup, wrapper and all. Swallowed the chocolate and regurgitated the wrapper. Pure Talent.

 photo SANY9388_zpsc7a63b7c.jpg


  1. What a fun Easter! We did a treatless basket too. Our daughter is 2 1/2 so she didn't need candy! It was great! Plus now I don't have to worry about sneaking too many treats later ;)

    I love that cutting board too! Very talented!

  2. happy belated Easter... looks like you had a great one!

  3. I think Ayara will enjoy her every Easter with her family. I love her boots very much. Like to share more baby thing with you at my blog



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