Sunday, March 31, 2013


I have the husband that dreams are dreamt about.

He's SMOKIN' hot - we don't go anywhere without turning heads
 photo bob_zps525b7ec3.jpg
He's an AMAZING dad - we're talking diaper changes, toy sorting, discipline -- the works!
He doesn't look a day over 25 - even I'm not that young!
He's PHENOMENAL in the kitchen. And many other places if you know what I mean... sorry, mom!
Not to mention he's: level-headed, forgiving, open-minded, fun, thoughtful (SO thoughtful!) and honest.
And I forgot one more thing... today is his BIRTHDAY! Out of respect I won't tell you how old he actually is. In summary please know that I am one amazingly fortunate lady to have him by my side and if I ever forget it, I'll just re-read what I've written here for you!
Happy Birthday Babe! I love you!
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