Thursday, April 25, 2013


The twins and Ra are:

Eating: pop tarts. I don't even know how we got started. One week we're eating clean, the next I'm buying everything a coupon can discount, this month trying two weeks worth of shopping at a time. Ugh. Have you read our Blog subheading lately?

Drinking: anything that goes in a cup. A few weeks back it was unfortunately pee from the toilet. It's sterile, right? Tonight it was muddy hose water from the free water table I snagged off Craigslist. (WHA?!)
It isn't any wonder they have weekly bouts of diarrhea. How does the saying go? Oh yes- what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Right.

Wishing: they're wishing and we are wishing we had a swing set. Sure we have other exciting toys,but there's nothing like an old school swing. The park down the road is perfect when it's mom and dad, but just one of us has a hard time getting all three babes an eighth of a mile.
Loving: each other. It made my day to see Dayr, during a crying fit, walk a snack to his bro when I asked. Ayara can't get enough kisses. She kisses me, her dad, he doll, her bros-  ut oh is what I'm thinking. And, instead of thinking its funny to ignore me when I ask for a kisses, the boys AND their stuffed bears (named Boris but somehow nickname Boregoo now) offer loving freely. Makes my day.

Dreaming: probably about poop. I'm only saying that because they have a new poop-in-the-middle-of-the-night ritual. It stinks.

I am...

Eating: my own cooking. That's different! I'm working on two two-week-long meal plans complete with shipping lists, meal plans and recipes. Stay tuned!

Drinking: nothing special. Boring, right? The occasional glass of Kefir graces my lips, other than that I'm a water girl all the way.

Wishing: this house would clean itself. No matter how many times we sweep, fold, or wash it just gets dirty again. Does yours do that? I'd rather never clean. Suddenly I feel less judgey watching Hoarders.

Loving: my hubs. Cheeeesy I know but it's true. We had quite a few ups and downs over the last year and to be in a happy, steady place feels good... and like a giant relief. Let me just add this gem: when you always tell the truth you don't have to cover your tracks. Okay?

Dreaming: no. Nightmaring is more like it. I've been having baby choking nightmares since I was pregnant with Ra. That's about 21 months. I'm so over it. Nightmare opposite-of-bonus: when the kids do choke in real life I LOSE it. I just start bawling. Time for a baby CPR refresher to boost my confidence I'd say.



  1. I hear you on keeping the house clean. It is always a constant battle around here! I say that poptarts even out when the rest isn't too bad. ;) We've all gotta live a little sometime. Haha.

  2. You have a beautiful family! The picture of your LOs kissing just kills me. Very sweet.

  3. Love the transparency of this! I am agreeing with you on the clean house! Love the dreaming of a swing picture! PRecious!

  4. Love your pic's, great looking family! We all dream of a house that cleans itself, haha!


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