Wednesday, April 24, 2013


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My favorite part of Ayara's recent first Birthday celebration, aside from being a successful event on the whole, was the piñata.
Say what?! Yup. Just look at that antennae-clad butterfly smile!
Looking at it for weeks prior to her party made me happy, filling it was a breeze, and watching the kids unsuccessfully try to destroy it made me laugh and laugh.
It was a gift for my sweet baby g from Birthday in a Box's giant selection of available piñatas.
We filled it full of handy snacks, fruit snacks and silly bands. It was a real, um... hit!
Get it?
 The hole shown above gives the illusion that it busted open easily. That was not the case. It was one tough cookie to break! If memory serves me right I was the one to break the opening (with my hand) and play hero. Fine by me!  
The falling of snow meant that the party was totally indoors. Crafty Bob rigged up the piñata on a broom handle and held it out for kids to hit. My hero.
 Easy to fill, easy to hang, perfect for "ages 3+" our littlest tots participated happily, too, and beautiful to look at - it will be a welcome addition to your Birthday party, too!
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  2. Who doesn't love a pinata, right? This one is so bright and colorful!!

  3. Very cool! I love the look of this pinatas. To me, they are a birthday must!

  4. I love this! Pinatas at b-days are SO FUN!!!


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