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The following is a Sponsored post by the Nashville Zoo. I received admission to the zoo in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other way, nor was I required to write a positive review.
What do kids love more than the zoo?
Except maybe cookies. And presents. But other than that... NOTHING!
That is why, on our recent road trip/vacay to Nashville we made dang sure to get the kids to their stellar zoo. They have, afterall, never seen monkeys in real life. Which of course means their existence cannot be complete.
We were in Tenessee for three days, the first two of which were rainy + snowy. Suckola vacation weather. We said "rain or shine" for the last day and the zoo and whadayaknow? It was BEAUTIFUL!
 photo SANY9013_zpsc5f61b2a.jpg We started at the monkeys. Two of ours were asleep so they missed the ancestral hooting and cheers, but I did my motherly duties and captured Tay's face in total monkey awe!
 photo SANY9020_zpsf4c8b652.jpg

 photo SANY9033_zps86627f5f.jpg photo SANY9024_zpse9996d6a.jpg
One of the neatest features of the Nashville Zoo is the Meerkat exhibit with a crawling-room-only entrance to an enclosed chamber that lets you be a part of their world. Kids can easily access, parents get to look a little more like an arse but it's worth it - so fun!
 photo SANY9026_zpsa3329215.jpg
 photo SANY9064_zps8c1cdd09.jpg
From the rails to the sidewalks to the barricades keeping children safe from the mouths of hungry lions, the entire zoo is climbing kid friendly.
 photo SANY9091_zpse609fb77.jpg
My personal favorite area was the goat petting and brushing zone. I was nervous at first to walk into a large fenced area full of goats of all sizes and varieties, but the kids dove right in grooming and loving them, it was a happy momma moment after all.

 photo SANY9099_zpsa3057442.jpg

 photo SANY9090_zpse945e19b.jpg

 photo SANY9101_zpsa1c3f8b0.jpg

 photo SANY9118_zps5d40a013.jpg

 photo SANY9074_zpsc33fdc5c.jpg
The maintenance and courtesy at the zoo is nothing to scoff at. It was like Disney Land in there with the attention to detail and cleanliness. Pushing two strollers I definetely appreciated the designated stroller parking, too, when we had to ditch the wheels and walk.

a href="http://s1236.photobucket.com/user/hebelc/media/SANY9120_zpsfc7dac11.jpg.html" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;" target="_blank"> photo SANY9120_zpsfc7dac11.jpg

The grand finale, the time-suck that the Zoo's director warned me about, was the most amazing jungle gym I've ever experienced. Imagine fort-style structures bigger than a house.
I, of course, could not get a picture because, like the director said, I was not able to contain my kids within it at all, which unfortunately means no pictures. But they thoroughly enjoyed it. How do I know? They were tyrants for the three days following, which simply means they were dog tired. Hallelujah
If you're ever in the area be sure to check it out. Food and Bevvies are available, train rides happen, you'll want to make it a day. Enjoy!

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