Monday, June 10, 2013


This is a Sponsored Post from PinkBlush Maternity. photo SANY9580_zps2e46b753.jpg
I am totally guilty of doing something that, let's face it, I don't feel guilty about at all.
I wear maternity clothes loooooong after I am pregnant. I mean we're talking years here.
Don't ask me "why", instead ask yourself "why not?"
Think about it: they're flattering on every body shape, come with tons of stretchy love for bloated (or pregnant) days, and are always spot on for trends because pregnant women want to be trendy, too. damnit!
My latest guilty pleasure is a sweet Cali boutique called PinkBlush Maternity. They have so many cute treats to pick from I had trouble narrowing my selection down. Being a big chested lady I was bummed to find minimal items in the XL category, but with a little help from customer service I was directed toward their trendy cardigans (no need to worry about the girls in one of those). Score!
I was stoked to see that my new digs matched both my manicure and my new jewelry (a so sweet "just because" gift from my hubs!). Double score!
What color is that, anyway? The website calls it a Mint Green but I'm also keen on pistachio & seafoam. 
 photo SANY9589_zpsfd409c08.jpg
It can be dressed up, like with my heels and updo, or it can be dressed down with comfy pants and flats. It was cool and breathable enough to wear on a warm walk, but kept me warm next to the chilly bay, too. Oh, and the best part? You'll be wearing ├╝ber comfy maternity clothing and noone. will. know.
 photo SANY9583_zps56f3bf91.jpg
Unfortunately the mesh material is privy to snags. I learned that all-too-soon after putting it on, but if you're careful this piece should last you quite a long time. Regularly $47.99 but currently on sale for $28.79 I could handle ordering a couple as fashionable back-ups, too.
 photo SANY9582_zps79918362.jpg
Sweet little sissy is a model, too!
Don't you tell her no, she's just too stinkin' cute & pouty for her own good!

 photo SANY9586_zpsba4a65d2.jpg
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  1. I know that wearing maternity clothes while not pregnant is a big no-no, but they are so cute! I have a very hard time losing weight after pregnancies, so it's often my only option for a while. I haven't heard of this brand. Thanks for the info!

    1. Alyssa, after some time I think the "rules" get thrown out and you do what's best for you. period. I hope you check them out - they have many beautiful items to choose from!

  2. What a beautiful piece! When I was pregnant my clothes didn't look near this trendy. I always just felt huge, not fashionable. Maybe if I had know about these options I would have looked a little nicer. Beautiful pictures!

    1. I know, right? Where were the trendy boutiques my first time around? I'd like to treasure those memories, not hide from them! :)

  3. Great outfit! Wow I second what Sharon said, when I was pregnant there was nothing decent to wear! Looking great!!

  4. What a great post and fabulous photos. I am so glad to know I am not the only one loves my maternity clothing for long after my pregnancy days. They always feel special to me. I always thought that those who didn't enjoy them must have not been shopping in the same places I had been!

  5. Love that color - and the look on the little one's face. Priceless!


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