Saturday, June 22, 2013

Worth Noting

  • Ayara face-planted into the couch sofa this AM and bled cinema-style all over herself, my neck and my pajamas. Her teeth and gums seem a-ok!
  • We aimed to attend the Farmer's Market but, as per the usual, missed it by a long shot.
  • Bob made killer chicken curry soup for lunch that the twins wanted seconds of! That never happens.
  • Taylen opted to be barefoot at the beach.
  • Dayr opted for shoes (even in the water) at the beach.
  • No naps ensued until I decided to walk the gang to the park solo. Gofigger.
  • I made homemade veggie burgers for dinner. The kids just at the ketchup.
  • We gave away four bags of toys and saw the boys enjoy things they forgot they had.
    • Ayara was saying "poop" after her bath so I set her on the toilet. Nothing. Both boys wanted to try. Lots of pushing and many farts later in a bathroom with no windows I was back to remembering why we don't push potty training.

Morals from the day:
1. Children are far more resilient than we know.
2. With three babies, when you think you're done you're only 33.333333% of the way there.
3. Plan plan planning usually exhausts rather than invigorates me.
4. Ketchup is always a good idea. And is, in itself, a complete meal. Obviously.

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