Saturday, September 21, 2013


Having three kids I am sure is difficult, but it cannot be anything like the Irish triplets we've been blessed with.
Not sure what Irish triplets are? Look it up on
I've been saying it all along not knowing it was initially derogatory,
you learn something new every day! pfft
Anyway, the tots and my shaky mental state have me thinking about the dynamics of being a "triplet" - if you will - or, so I don't offend anyone who actually has triplets,  twins + a singleton born in short succession. My husband and I are mindful of the fact that one of the first questions therapists ask when you start seeing them concerns birth order. "Where do you fall in the birth order of your family blah bleu". It never struck me before - as the oldest of, wait for it... TWO - but my husband - the oldest of eight - sees it differently. Consider a first-born singleton, for example, often times they get the undivided attention of at least one, if not both, of their parents. Not to mention grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. etc. Now consider twins. From the start they get divided attention from everyone they encounter: doctors, midwives, mom, dad, passerbys. The list goes on and on. Our twins were "fortunate" and received about nine days of individual attention in different ways, but that's old news + you can read all about that here. Then, just a short 14 months later, we went and threw a third baby into the attention-grabbing mix. WHAT!? That's love and affection, snuggles, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, sit-in-your-lap-and-read-a-story time divided by THREE. If those three children are lucky they're receiving 33% of the goodies that other singletons receive. Yeah, tell me about it... mind = blown.
All of that is a very long-winded and detail rich way of saying that tonight, after a long indoor play session and delicious dinner of PB & J during the Target cart ride back to the car, two very loved and very exhausted twin boys fell asleep. Baby girl then reaped the benefits which included an all-to-herself bath (never happens) with an apple (also, never.) followed by a lotiony massage on mom's bed (you know the drill). And all of THAT is my way of saying that I did not mind one. single. bit. Because of the unique dynamic we've created in our home, one-on-one time is like gold. Let's just say I was King Midas tonight.


  1. I've only got two and I feel like it is hard to split the attention/time equally. Three? I would fail miserably. Looks like you've got it down though=)

  2. Lol, I definitely agree that birth order is huge. I've read studies on it. I am the oldest of two as well... my husband is the oldest of two (living) and he would be the 2nd oldest of four if his other siblings were still with us.
    I am on my way to having three as well but I spaced them out. 6, 4, and new baby will be here shortly. I think in the end you may have the best scenario get to live through all that baby/toddler/kid stuff all at once instead of reliving it every few about ready to pull your hair out! :-)

  3. This is the 2nd time this week I've heard about Irish triplets! Definitely fits your blog title - your hands may be full but so is your heart! Precious!

  4. Nice!!! Very smart!! And your little one is soooo cute!!!


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