Friday, October 25, 2013


This fall leaf pizza recipe is inspired by something I saw recently on Pinterest. The original was a bit more involved with vegetable variety and dough selection. In the spirit of keeping things simple I've dumbed it down a bit. No disrespect to the originating chef, hers was beautiful, too! Anyway, this pizza takes only 3 ingredients and about 20 minutes to make, which is perfect for me since I'm always doing something with at least one of my three tots.
Not only does this pizza look fantastic at a Harvest/Thanksgiving/Fall party, it tastes amazing, too! The proof: my dear friend is preggo to the max. Can't eat a thing. Sick. Sick. Sick. Well, she + baby LOVED this pizza! She told me so both in person and in a super sweet thank you card, so you know it must be true! Try it for yourself and watch your guests and your belly smile contently.
1 roll pillsbury whole wheat pizza crust
1 container garden vegetable cream cheese
2 C. diced bell peppers
How To:
- Roll out the pizza dough on a cookie sheet and cut a leaf shape with a pizza cutter. Bake as directed checking often.
- Allow to cool then spread with cream cheese
- Top with LOTS of bell peppers
- Eat it happily!
At the par-tay!
Tay, Day + Ay loved this pizza for lunch, when they had it again that night at a party, and the next day as leftovers. They'd love for you to click this link (below) and vote for us, too. Thanks, friends!


  1. This looks really yummy! Peppers and I don't get along well though, is there something I could substitute instead?

    1. Isabella, yes! Instead of peppers any other bright veggie would work! Green could be broccoli chopped small, yellow could be diced squash, orange could be carrot and red could be tomato! Any combination would be fantastic!

  2. So pretty! And super easy! I'm gonna make this for our next get together and wow my guests! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very creative! Love when we are able to make amazing looking recipes without spending all day in the kitchen! Sure looks good!

  4. Cute idea I love this recipe I am definitely going to try this!


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