Wednesday, October 30, 2013


JB Exclusives Jewelry is unlike anything I've seen before. If you want to talk about attention-to-detail and skill, her jam-packed Etsy shop is the place to look. Think of a piece of jewelry perfect for any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, Christmas, Easter, just because... there is something for everyone here. Hand-stamped and individually loved, each piece can be as unique as the wearer. I chose a three bead pea pod to represent my three babies. What shall I do when we have more, I wonder? Two shades of green for my twin (fraternal) boys, and a light purple for baby girl. Their initials "T, D & A" are all hand-stamped onto leaves at the top of the pod, and it hangs delicately over a lengthy golden chain. Plus Jen + I represent the same side of the country (she designs in IL, I live in MI) so we're practically sisters, too! Be sure to scope her Facebook as FB friends ALWAYS get 10% off in her shop using code FBFriends10.
The Paper Nut is just that- nuts about paper! Jeanie makes gorgeous prints depicting nursery decor, family life, alphabet scenes, you name it. You've really got to look for yourself to appreciate the unique ways she displays. I'm addicted to her mermaid prints. Mermaids? Really? YES! They speak to me! She made a custom print for us depicting me (mamamaid) and the three tots. I just die when I see it - so clever! Be sure to check out her amazing array, and come up with a design you think can stump her. Be warned- she's versatile to the MAX and ready to meet any buyer challenge.
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