Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Berry-covered foraging faces. Dayr, Ayara, Daddy + Taylen
Jump in head first. That's what we always do.

This time it's a Paleo lifestyle. 

Nothing like going from no meat (vegan)
To meat-coming-out-the-arse, eh?
I know one thing is for sure, I am getting down OFF my soapbox.
From now on I know only one thing: I know nothing.
We keep trying and that's what counts!

The twins and Ayara are loving it. Their fave? Cold hot dogs.
You hear the irony in that, right?
Don't worry, they're organic, and made from grass fed beef.
We haven't completely flown off the rockers... yet. 

Other Paleo lifestyle endeavors this week include:
Foraging for wild black walnuts and grapes,
and preserving and canning local tomatoes for winter
that one's a stretch but still applicable.
What a blast it's been! 

My heart, and Bob's too, have been overjoyed sharing such simple,
natural adventures with our family.

What sort of adventures have you taken lately?
I'd love to hear about them.
Amazing ideas always welcome, hint hint!

While you're here could you please give us two clicks?


  1. Well that is quite the switcheroo. What made you decide to change things up if I may ask?

    1. Jesica, thanks for noticing :) We decided to change things up because eating vegan we felt constantly hungry and with three babies we didn't have time to be preparing all of the clean meals we felt we needed (not to mention snacks!). The increase in protein has done our bodies well so far and my weight has remained constantly (for me anything other than increasing is good!). I will keep posting as it progresses to keep you and others informed!

  2. My husband does the paleo diet and loves it. Totally helps him feel better and keep the weight off. I have a hard time cutting the carbs...

    1. Megan,
      I can completely understand that! Being a sugar addict I miss the carbs, too, which ultimately were getting converted into sugar. I think my blood sugar misses them, too, because I do get an occasional withdrawl headache :/ I'm hoping it weans away after a small while...

  3. We've been on a healthy journey this year too , but I'm more the kind of person who does small baby steps instead of full diving in! Looking forward to seeing how this goes for you! But love the fact you're teaching your kids to be smart about their food choices!

    1. Hobbies,
      I am so impatient I don't know if I am a baby-steps kind of girl! I admire that you are, though! What sort of baby steps to healthier living have you taken? I'm always curious to hear what others are doing to live healthier lives!


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