Saturday, September 28, 2013


Anyone else get a sense of spring cleaning when Fall rolls around?
Maybe it's the copious amounts of stuff that we seem to
accumulate in the fall + winter months urging me to make space.
Or maybe it's the cooler weather finally lighting the
organization fire under my heat-loathing butt.
Whatever the reason is I had an overwhelming desire to
clean and organize the last couple days, and so that's exactly what I did.
Bob and I agree that we don't need every single piece of the
kids' clothes lying around just in case we decide to have another baby.
We have enough faith in the universe to provide for us
what we will need when we need it.
SO we purged all the old baby stuff!
But as Bob always says "nature abhors the vacuum"
which is a fancy way of saying "make a hole and it'll be filled."
Fortunately for us I think the crisp fall weather and a change in diet
we're trying Paleo now - surprise!
prompted that "hole" to be filled with fresh-from-the-farm produce!
After a trip to the grocery store and some homemade
breakfast casserole, paleo muffins and a crock pot meal were secured
all before my first cup of coffee I might add!
we spent the morning with our dear friends, the Klein's,
and their adorable daughter Niamh.
+ bonus baby in mama's belly! eeep!
oinking at pigs, maneuvering a hay maze, and laughing at Bob
as he rolled down the hill
clearly to show the kids what's up [wink]
See our pics from this time last year (at the same farm) here!
Then Bob lined the trunk with fresh squash, apples, pears and tomatoes.
Next adventure: learn how to can food!
I haven't felt pretty in a while, thank you Fall! xo
^ Tay, Ay, Day + Niamh
What are your Fall adventure plans?
Will you try something new?
Share your ideas in the comments below and as always please:


  1. Oh how we MISSED you all!!! Today's blog made me misty.......we are so blessed to have you all in our lives. <3

    1. Thank you for spending such awesome quality time with us <3 There is nothing better in the world!

  2. Love when Fall creeps in after a hot summer! The colors are beautiful and the clothes fresh! And yes - I get the fall cleaning bug too!

  3. I'm the same way! I don't do spring cleaning. I'm more of a fall cleaning kind of person.

  4. I'm in Florida, and it doesn't feel like fall yet, but we are going to buy some pumpkins and mums this week! Paleo? You go, girl!

  5. Totally do... that's why I did my house organization series on my blog. Glad I did it when I did too cuz now I'm dog tired this last trimester of pregnancy!


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