Friday, September 27, 2013


"If you build it, they will come"
That phrase was the backbone of our mid week "weekend",
by which I mean two day stretch doing whatever we darn well pleased.
Bob's brother, Bo, is building a house!
And not just any ole house - he's building a cord wood home!
The kind that takes for.ever to complete, but also stands strong for hundreds of years.
I am so impressed by him and his knowledge and capabilities.
Have I mentioned before how incredibly talented my in laws are?!
We spent Wednesday and Thursday with them in Frankfort, MI,
an hourish drive from our home.
Day one found us off to a slow start,
arriving around noon when we initially said 9:00. Oops.
Day two we were much better prepared.
Snacks were made + bought, lunch planned,
activities for tots scheduled.
It went so smooth that by the end (okay somewhere in the middle)
of the day Bo's wife, Alli, and I were making sister wives jokes.
I'm just sayin', I get the up side for the ladies now.
- everyone teasing me for having a donut obsession
- kids playing in "bouncy jail" (trampoline) all. the. time
- nephew Colton catching a butterfly at the Alberta park
- spotting a Ghost Bike that reminded me of Kelly
- Dayr's reflection scaring him because it looked like
an orange octopus?!
- eating pressure-cooker chicken for the first time
- Bo's first taste of avocado
- Greta the German Shepherd
 & the best part of all:
- spending copious amounts of time with awesome family
that double as friends


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  1. This is GREAT!!! I love building new memories with the kids!


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