Tuesday, September 24, 2013


"Maybe we do need to live outside." -Bob
"Will you be a Gypsy with me?" -Bob
"I'm going crazy inside that house." -Bob
(Speaking of home, here's a peek inside our first home, in Nevada 2010)
Gahl dernit, my husband prompts my revelation AGAIN!
We are total nature-y, outdoors-y people.
We can't sit still (unless it's on a beach),
we can't breathe deep, and we certainly can't function
unless our basic human nature-y need is met.
Simple as that.
(See a sweet pic of Bob's moustache in nature here.)
Inside our home we're ravenous, angry beasts,
all five of us.
The kind that go streaking down the driveway for a whiny child's toy,
but that story is for another day.
Unleash us in nature and we're cool, calm and collected.
So yesterday day we found ourselves on an "adbenture" yet again.
Dayr and Taylen's version of the word
I don't know if it's the three babies factor, the chaotic full-of-stuff-we-don't-need house factor, the trying-to-eat-clean-drives-us-nuts-and-starves-us thing, or what. BUT I do know that we love the outdoors. On this specific adventure we happened upon some random boats upon a public beach - score! The tots collected "shells" (zebra mussels here in the Great Lakes), and row, row, rowed to their hearts content. They also ate more wild grapes (this is becoming our new thing), destroyed toad stools, and waved at a giant plastic bear "hi, bear!" - so cute!
This revelation begs the question:
Is this a human thing?
OR is this a too-many-people-behind-small-closed-walls thing?
What do you think?
Does your family behave the same way?
If you're looking for more peace I humbly suggest getting outside.
In a way I believe it's back to the way things used to be
OR, as the new church we just tried said,
which, by the way, we all really enjoyed, with the exception of Ra Ra, who pooped her pants :( 
it might be The New Normal!
Thank you!


  1. UMMM. My family behaves THE EXACT same way. And I didn't think it was possible for an almost-five-month-old baby to behave this way -- but he totally flippin' does! I seriously thought our family was alone in this!!!!! Thank you so much for letting me know that we're not. All hail nature.

    1. Dena, thank YOU for letting me know that WE are not alone! haha Misery loves company? No, it's not miserable. But it IS chaotic, eh?


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