Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our First Place

As I've told many people before, and posted previously on this blog, Bob and I are buying our first house! We are very excited to be purchasing this bank-owned property and feel badly for the family who lost it during this hard time. It seems strange that one families misfortune could result in our benefit. But it has. Every time we visit this house we discover something new that we love. From the lack of carpet on the main floor to the beautiful tile in the kitchen, from the hidden convenient storage to the spacious closets- everything seems so perfect.

Today was our home inspection and pest inspection and from what we could tell, both went very well. There were, of course, some minor glitches but those things made Bob's eyes sparkle with ideas for quick, fun home improvements.

We are looking at a probable closing date of December 3rd and have already given notice at our current residence to be out by the 4th. Bob is brainstorming ways to move large furniture since I wont be doing much heavy lifting to help. I'm kind of enjoying the idea of directing from the doorway. ;)


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