Monday, November 4, 2013


Maybe I adore her because she has twins, or maybe it's because she shares my love for blogging all things baby and cute, or maybe it's our obvious mutual adoration of chevrons. Whatever the case may be I'm thrilled as skittles to share my new friend Steffany with you today. Although, let's be honest, I'm afraid you might like her more than me! Steffany's corner of the interwebs is called Spit and Sparkles: The Adventures of Raising Boy/Girl Twins. Um, hello!? Have you read our birth story? If yes then you know that up until 30 weeks pregnant with the boys we, too, thought we were having b/g twins! The irony!
Without further ado, my new amigo writes:
Hi! I’m Steffany, and I blog over at Spit and Sparkles. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share my cute twins with new readers, and grateful to Crista for having me!
Let me introduce you to Corbin, a.k.a Mr. Man, and Lynley, a.k.a Miss Thang! They’re one-year-old twins with spunky, little personalities, who just love the world and everyone and everything in it. And people love them!
Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t come up to me when we’re out in public and asks a series of questions: Are they twins? Are they identical? How much did they weigh? Blah, blah, blah. I get it. Babies are cute, and people are curious. But, I’d rather them be seen as individuals than as a pair. I can only imagine how moms of identical boys or girls must feel! Crista Interjection: my boys are NOT identical but they get confused for that all. the time! I feel ya, girl! Furthermore, because we have three so close in age they get confused for TRIPLETS even more often. End rant. 
Yes, they share the same birthday. They are twins. No, they are not identical. (ha!) But, even if they were the same sex they wouldn’t be identical. My babies’ personalities couldn’t be more different. Besides the obvious of one being a boy and one being a girl, Corbin and Lynley differ in just about every aspect possible, just like normal siblings who have different birthdays. Crista interjection: A++ on the names, Steffany! They're almost as adorbs as your babes! 
They like and dislike different foods. They have their favorite toys that they do not want to share, and certain toys that they will only play with together. Corbin and I have a special kisses game, and Lynley and I have a special tickle game. My relationship with each of them is so different, although I love them equally.
Corbin likes pink. Lynley likes blue. He loves toy balls. She loves stuffed animals. Corbin is carefree. Lynley is always on a mission. It’s a true gift to be able to watch them develop alongside each other, but yet be such individuals. I’m curious to see how that special twin bond will grow, as they are just becoming friends and starting to develop a special language with one another.
Out of all of their differences, there are a few things they do have in common. They’re both happy. They’re both healthy. They’re both LOVED. Thanks again for letting me share my family with all of you. Feel free to visit us at Spit and Sparkles any time!
My last interjection: Steffany has a sweet GIVEAWAY happening over at S + S right now, hurry hurry, friends, and thanks for reading!


  1. What cuties!! Thanks for sharing this new blog! I'm hoping over right now to check it out.

    1. Thanks again Megan for visiting and entering our giveaway!

  2. Awww they are super cute! Twins will have their own personalities but it is interesting to see that some of their likes are distant apart from the others. ....Thanks for sharing them with us today!

    1. Hi Pamela! Thanks for your sweet compliment. It definitely is interesting!

  3. They are SUPER CUTE!!! I always wanted to have twins!

  4. They are really cute. All kids are different regardless of if they share the same birthday or not. Everyone has questions, advice, etc. I have gotten to the point that I will as politely as possible tell them that it is unwanted and please leave me alone.

  5. Happy, Healthy, loved! What more could any child need? Thanks for sharing this! Love the reminder that all children are unique (even if they are born on the same day, at the same moment, from the same mom....etc....) :-)


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