Friday, December 13, 2013


It is time for me to take a break from Blogging. Due to much personal growth and adjustment my Blog as a product testing ground and advertising space is no longer fitting my needs as a human. Thankfully Bob and I strive to require very little in terms of monetary needs, and therefore are able to survive on very little, too. I won't be abandoning ship just yet - I do still have a few more loose ends to tie up, products that need reviewing, and commitments to honor - but beginning in 2014 I will only be Blogging for me. What a relief. Along those same lines I've also detached myself from the grasp of Facebook and Twitter. How wonderful they both were when I was trying to prove that I was living my life, and happily. New goal? Actually do the living, don't worry about the "proving", and enjoy more of the things that matter most: family, friends, being true to me... you know.

In the past three days without Facebook I've seen my "productivity" as a human go through the roof. Who knew that once the kids were in bed there actually was time, all along, to do the dishes, vacuum the floor, paint my nails, wash my hair, address Christmas cards, have a meaningful conversation with my mom, and so on?
I hope you'll keep reading, as I can feel the sincerity and true colors already beginning to seep out on to the Blog. Bookmark us and follow along. I absolutely adore meaningful feedback and comments, and will get to each and every one as soon as I'm able! God Bless all of my family + friends + readers who have become such. I am thankful for you all and appreciate the support you've shown. Cheers, to a life well-lived!
Dayr + Taylen Circa 2012

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  1. Good for you, lady! I'm really happy to hear this. Enjoy the living side of living. I've been detaching a bit here and there myself and it feels wonderful. <3 I look forward to reading you when you do check in from time to time. Happiest of Happy Holiday wishes to you & yours.


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