Saturday, December 21, 2013


We are determined not to let winter pass before we try some of the must-do's for the season. The list is long but includes: making hot chocolate (check), building a snowman (check), creating homemade Christmas decor (check), decorating the tree (check) - and on and on. We've been promising the kids we would go sledding for at least a week now, today was the day to pay up! The park just around the corner from our house has the perfect sized hill. Bob's co-worker gave us two blowup tubes for sledding and after an hour of coats + boots shenanigans we were off!
The kids were, at first, most excited about the homemade hot cocoa I promised for after but once they got into the hill they were full of awe + joy. It was what every parent would hope to see on the face of their child. Pure bliss. Bob and I hoped for about a half hour of exercise and entertainment, and that's what we got. The boys went down together as a "choo woo train", Ayara cried and wanted to be held nearly the entire time but was escorted down the hill by her mom and dad a few times, too. We capped it off with mom's homemade hot cocoa and marshmallows and sprinkles at home, followed by from-scratch strawberry pancakes, about which no one complained.
All-in-all it was a HUGE success. Laughter was had, snow was embraced, tots were exercised and mom + dad's hearts full of love. A perfect nearly-Christmas day!


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