Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Yes, another year has passed in pure and magical wedded bliss SAID NO ONE EVER. But just being real + serious, this has been another trying one for us. There have, of course, been some amazing moments, and there have been some downright shitty ones, too. I will not shame myself on my own blog, but I'm big enough to say I'm not innocent.
Wedding Day, New Year's Eve, 2009
ANYWAY fast forward to today, the end of the year 2013, and the first day of the rest of our lives. I am more pumped and ready and psyched to start a new with Bob than I have EVER been. No joke, this trumps our wedding day, and all other declarations of love.
Something inside of me is roaring to come out and love + live like the lioness that I am. I mean, seriously, I am freaking amazeballs! But in all honesty, when someone says "my better half" I now know this is Bob and not me. And that's awesome. If I searched the world I know I would not find a more understanding, handsome, compassionate, worldly, knowledgable, sexy beast. The best man I know lives in my house and sleeps in my bed, and calls me best friend. I am blessed beyond compare, and I'm so glad I know it.
Happy Anniversary Bobby, I love you with all of my heart. Here's to another 70 + years and a buttload of kids. xo



  1. Happy Anniversary lovebirds!! I was thinking about you all the other day and realized you were gone from FB, and I commend you for taking the reigns and kicking that bad habit because that is JUST what I have been wanting to do. and PS I LOVE THE HAIR!!! Hope we see you all soon :-)

  2. hahahaha omg, what a funny picture!!


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