Friday, January 17, 2014


As mentioned previously there has been a lot of 1. sickness + 2. snow days going on around here as of late. Luckily the sickness has mostly subsided, but the bad weather and lack of outdoor playtime remains. When I was a tot I don't remember the bad weather keeping us inside. Maybe it was because my parents had two kids two year apart not a giant cluster at once like us, or maybe they were super parents I happen to favor the latter. Whatever the case was we simply cannot compare. It's a triumphant day when we can get all three kids outside in the snow to romp. By the time we get everyone dressed someone has to pee, and by the time we get outside someone always starts with "I'm too cold!" "I hate snow!" "Blah I just despise fun!"  You know, typical toddler talk.
So last week in the mail what should arrive but an invitation to a BIRTHDAY PARTY! Every cooped-up families dream! Side note, it's a pirate-themed dress-up party to boot - the first of its kind for our troop. That night as I was thinking about homemade gifts to fashion and give to Hux, his mom sent me a message proclaiming his love of playdough - score! It was off to Pinterest to learn to make playdough for me.
I settled on a recipe that not only looked simple I am a mother of three under three, after all but also looked like something I would want my kids to receive, my newest gift-giving criteria. I found this recipe and adapted it to fit my needs. The results are phenomenal. This playdough is firm yet malleable, smells amazing, requires zero cooking, leaves your hands silky smooth, and best of all: won't piss off the parents of the receiving tot. Read: homemade gift perfection.
All you need is: 2 parts cornstarch, 1 part conditioner, and food coloring. That's it!
Step 1: Pour your conditioner into a bowl  I used Tresemme brand – not all conditioners are the same consistency so you may need to add a little more or a little less corn starch to get the right consistency.

Step 2: Pour in the cornstarch  For reference I used: 4 T. corn starch + 2 T conditioner per batch/color

Step 3: Give it a good stir

Step 4: Add a few drops of food coloring

Step 5: Mix well using your hands. This part smells delicious!

Step 6: Have FUN rolling, squishing, shaping and playing with your new playdough!

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  1. Cornstarch and conditioner?! That's pretty cool. The playdough turned out so pretty, too! It almost looks like you could just take a bite out of it! :)

    1. Nikki, it really is quite fun (even for adults!). I should add though that it's more of a slow-playing dough than playdough is a fast-paced, roll-and-go sort. It takes well to smushing and rolling, but is better for sensory discovery than shape creating I think :)


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