Wednesday, January 15, 2014


missing, wanting, loving, preparing, regretting

 I am currently missing my girlfriends. First and foremost I miss Kelly. If you didn't read her story back in July of 2013 then please take a minute to do so. I think of her often and am so glad her legacy is a positive one, made audible by the words: Remember to Love. I also miss my bestie Sara, who visited for the Holidays and is since back in Sri Lanka designing and sharing fashion with + for the world. What a far off fantasy dream life for a stay-at-home mom like me! Live vicariously, anyone? Sidenote: I miss those not so far + gone, too! You know who you are, lovies.
We are all currently wanting some outdoor time + good old fashioned fresh. air. After about one month of solid sickness in our home we couldn't possibly want anything more, except maybe good health. This past week brought one 39- and one 29-degree-day, which we took full advantage of by walking the three tots, even in drizzling rain. But the devil gives the first taste free, right? Or something like that. Either way it snowed a foot-and-a-half last night and is negative 10 degrees today. Goodbye air + sun for a while. Again.
Taylen + Dayr, our twinkies, are currently loving anything Fort. New chairs from Boppa? Great fort material. New picnic-style dining room table that was Bob's growing up? Fantastic place for a fort! Mom's alumni blankies? You get the idea. And "baby" sister (will be two in April!?- What?!) doesn't mind building + climbing along for the ride.
I am currently preparing to simplify my life even further. Bob and I recently started a class at our church called Financial Peace University. It's a 9-week-course put together by Dave Ramsey, Mr. Get-Out-of-Debt himself, and encompassing biblical principles to learn to save + spend + give and manage finances in a God-pleasing way. Our first night was Monday and so far we're gearing up to get rid of credit cards and iPhones. Gulp. It may not be for the faint-hearted. On top of that bags of unwanted "stuff" is finding its way to our car's trunk for donation, and I have a new plan for recycling cereal and diaper boxes that just might get us organized! Stay tuned!
I am currently regretting one instance from 2013. I'm not the type to dwell in the past so... chin up, grab bootstraps, and continue to make 2014 amazeballs. There.

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  1. I love Dave Ramsey's program! So much great information in that class. Hope you enjoy it! :)

  2. Alecia, so far I am stoked like a kid on Christmas! Have you gone through a Financial Peace University course? I'd love to pick your brain about it! :)

  3. I jealous of your fort status. My son always jumps on top of forts. It's heartbreaking.

    1. Colleen, it's not a fort you're probably accustomed to, it's more of a pile of everything soft in the entire house. It's insane!


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