Saturday, February 22, 2014


Each year is a new adventure getting together with Bob's side of the family for Christmas. Last year Christmas was postponed until mid January, which we all figured was late during "the season", until this year when a nasty flu struck grandma and grandpa and Christmas was held on February 5th. Grandma and Grandpa always go all out for Christmas serving fine meat, kitchens full of snacks both store-bought and homemade, and decorating to the max. This year Grandma even opted for a theme: Ugly Sweater / Glam Party. We werent' sure how to do glam, so we went the default: ugly. Of course as you'll see below it wasn't all that hideous, but we had fun and a little stress trying to find just the right thing.
The Dirty Weaver pass-the-presents-game some call it White Elephant was hilarious as usual, and slightly off-color due to our keen eyes in the grocery store and apparently poor comical taste when we passed around pork wieners, soap and spotted dick (you know, the raisin sponge cake in a can?). Children were present, glares were exchanged, and Grandpa saved the day with alternate gifts.
We said a family prayer around the beef, asparagus, and potatoes, and I ate my body weight in Aunt Desi's homemade cookies + fudge and Uncle Jason's guacamole concoction - this family and food, I am doomed!
The kids were all extremely well-behaved, especially considering they boycott naps during big events anymore. They don't know this yet but Grandma and Grandpa bought them a nice wooden swing set, complete with slide, picnic table, sandbox and swings, just waiting to be put together by mom and dad in the Spring! And speaking of kids, Desi's oldest Mason rocked Johnny Cash and ACDC on the guitar making the day super special.
I always love these big family gatherings. I am the oldest of two and my brother is not married, nor does he have any kids no rush, Uncle Rico! so this is where I get my family fun + chaos fix. 



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