Wednesday, February 19, 2014


When you arrive 14 short months after twin brothers enter the world, it just so happens that the spotlight of being one of the world's most adorable baby girls can be dimmed by the presence of said  "anomaly". Ayara does a great job standing her ground. I had to laugh at a recent well-child trip to the doc's when they asked if she spoke at least six words. Not only can she say just about anything her heart desires, she usually does it with gusto that or a mouth full of mushy peas. She's certainly not a fan of taking a back seat to her often overpowering brothers.
One special connection she and I have is our love of accessories. Namely I love to put them on her and she loves to take them off. If I put her hair up it's literally seconds before she's ripped the elastic and usually a good chunk of hair right out of her head. But I still try. I love those moments, just the two of us, when she makes me laugh with her changing table yoga, or calls me silly with her nose wrinkled up. Yep, I live for that stuff.
Her recent accessory love/hate is happening with Lucy's Em, one of our favorite treasured Etsy shop friends. She rocked a brand new infinity scarf for the better part of three minutes the other day, letting me know she's really quite into it.
What mama loves about Lucy's Em are the amazing prints. DId you notice Ayara's scarf is reversible? Get it dirty - turn it over! Outfit change - flip it. Can you tell I think it's brilliant? Jill is crankin' 'em out down south in Georgia, and she's no stranger to fine things. Dudes and dedesses can find things they love - heck I love them all! Scope her infinity foxes, GUITARS, and the ever popular moustache with a twist.
You KNOW these are "all the rage" for Spring, head over and take advantage of Jill's awesome shipping and BOGO deals happening now. Not that you need them, she already sells her scarves dirt cheap if you ask me.
Hoodie + Shorts: gifted // Tights: Matilda Jane // Scarf: LUCY'S EM // Brows: daddy
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  1. Loving her scarf! So adorable! And those lips are the most beautiful pouty things ever.

  2. I love that scarf! Why didn't I have one of those when mine were little?!


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