Thursday, March 6, 2014


One of five avocado seeds I'm "growing" on the sill - fingers crossed!
I am declaring that I get the right things done. In fact it's my personal mantra at the moment:
"Get The Right Things Done."
It works wonders to remind myself of this oh-so-simple sentiment multiple times per day. Back in late 2013 I quit Facebook (more on that soon to come) and saw my personal productivity + creativity go through the roof! Now with the importance of getting out of debt knocking on our door I am taking even more steps to get the right things done. It's a challenge for me - because I might be slightly (really) addicted to things like: Instagram, Pinterst and the like - but when I am able to smell my babies freshly-washed hair and be present in the moment nothing could be more important and real.
Trying out a new toy from Cookie Cutter Guy on Etsy!
 Bob and I are saving every spare penny that we can. No ordering pizza, no fancy groceries, no new clothes, nothing. In fact we are lobbying for a big yard sale in the coming months. If you're in Northern Michigan it might be worth your time to come! We are once and for all going to be debt-free, and it's closer than one might think. I estimate two years to finish paying off my massive student loan (which will shortly be our only debt!) - check back with me on this subject then. We also saved our sanity this week with dinner at a friend's. It was much much needed indeed.
 The twins are demolishing any and all food reserves we might have had in the house. Can you say growth spurt? Except not really because at the doc's last week they were hanging out in the 10th percentile for height and weight. If they're healthy who cares, right? That's my stance. On the subject of demolishing they also destroy all furniture upon waking in the morning for what they've dubbed "tents" which are, simply put, large piles of ev-er-y-thing soft.
I am sniffing the warming winter air. In fact just last week I saw not one, but TWO robins (Michigan's state bird!) flying at the doc's. In case you're unaware that is a sure sign of spring in this here mitten state. It's currently back to being too cold to step outside but I am hopeful and planning big outdoorsy things (while reading The Edible Garden - tons of amazing ideas for a garden that's beautiful + functional) in my nearly-stir-crazy mind.

The kids are sniffing boogers. They're sick. sick. sick. Last week it was pukes, this week it's colds + earaches. Such is life when you have three tots - someone is always sick - right?
We are all despising ... just see above. ^ 
Tay in a "tent" // Mama in a daze + sickly snuggles // Resting Ayara

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  1. Good job on the getting out of debt! My hubby is a big no debt person, I have learned how to shop for 3 boys on a military pay check. It's a good thing I like to use old things to make new. Three tots in the locked up winter days, you must be going crazy.. wish ya luck on your days:)


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