Saturday, March 15, 2014


"Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance."
- Jon Franklin

Those are pictures of our homemade pallet compost bins. Bob built them last year from side-of-the-road pallets we hauled home in our enormous car trunk. Of course in the Spring, Summer + Fall their much more accessible BUT this Winter they certainly weren't obsolete. In fact the lack of snow in the first bin proves that everything is working as it should, procuding heat and composting below the cold.
The first bin will get turned into the second bin, and so on to the third, when enough plant + leaf matter has built up as well. For now we're just using the first bin for table scraps. It doesn't look beautiful to the naked eye but if you stare for a moment the only things you'll see are beautiful meals once prepared. Ain't nothin' ugly 'bout that!
Sometimes (often!) it's the simple things in life.

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