Tuesday, March 18, 2014


What is it about this time of year that makes me crave green? Morning smoothies packed with kale + spinach have been looking mighty tasty to me! Could it be the warm air I can almost taste through the plastic-covered-to-keep-out-the-drafts windows? Whatever the case may be I am ready for shorter sleeves, wind in my hair, fresh air in my lungs, and a rejuvenated sense of exploration for the world around.
One place I got inspired recently was Amy's shop 521 Design on Etsy. If you're getting back to nature, or needing to see some spring foliage, or just plain into beautiful, earth-inspired design I suggest you burn tail and get to her shop. She just re-opened her after a few weeks hiatus to get creative and explore. How in tune with my mind is THAT? We are soul sisters for sure! Check out the gorgeous duds your tots could be sporting, and the beautiful way I'm letting my nature thoughts flow as of late. I have a special purpose for this notebook - stay tuned!
Ayara also romped in lace + linen bloomers from Sew and Steady. Rachel, the talented shop owner, actually makes costume/play baby carriers, too! Ayara doesn't hold still long enough wearing one of those for me to snap a pic, however. She's busy putting one baby in and taking another out. I guess she's preparing to have multiples just like mommy did. I think learning to care for and nurture children is a great skill to hone, even at a young age, not to mention an action that I see my almost-two-year-old doing that completely melts my heart into a puddle on the floor.
ps- Big Girl Buns here will be TWO on April 8th! Excuse me but where did the time go?

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  1. Beautiful notebook! I'm a stationery lover! Haha!


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