Monday, April 21, 2014


Projects, projects, projects. There is always something fun + exciting to do when you're two, or three, or twenty-eight. When we can't be outside running and stretching our bodies because it snowed and temperatures reached record lows AGAIN this SPRING... the next best thing is crafty time inside.
If you think back to my Spring Bucket List you'll remember that I've been wanting to make bird feeders for quite some time. The idea came to me after Bob cleaned out the cupboard and found some long-since-forgotten nasty wheat cracker things. They're enormous and taste like cardboard so naturally I thought "hey! birds will probably love this!?" Right?
A few weeks ago Bob's mom dropped off a random jar of mixed nuts she wasn't loving, two days ago I bought a jar of crappy PB just for this project, and yesterday Dayr took four bites of an apple and decided he was done. "There!" I thought, "all the supplies we need for our bird treats!" I spread the PB for the kids and set everything else out on the table for them. They placed their treasures with love and when they were finished I used the tip of a pair of scissors to make a hole in the enormous cracker, tied on some hemp cord, and hung them in our tree. I love looking out the window at them. They're natural and handmade and gorgeous, they bring me a lot of joy.
What you'll need:
  • A "base": this can be a large cracker, pine cone, old piece of bread - get creative!
  • Nut Butter for "glue": I used a cheap crappy kind but any type will work
  • Decorations: We used various nuts, lentils, seeds, and an old chopped apple from the compost, oh and one lonely pea from Ayara's lunch plate.
  • A "hanger": I used hemp cord but there are many options for this, too (ribbon, string, floss, fishing line, etc.)
  • A "hole poker": maybe scissors, like us, maybe your finger, a stick, a knife(?)
Get creative and have fun, let me know what type of birds you attract!

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