Wednesday, April 23, 2014


You guys aren't sick of all this adorable baby fashion yet, are you? Good because we've got plenty of yummy goodies to share in the near + far future. Translation: the adorableness will. not. stop.
Come with me to a place of handmade goodness, where nature meets style and they have adorable cloth + leather babies. That place is Rocks and Roots Apparel (on Etsy, of course!) and it's a really, really nice place to be. Ahh nature, the place I've longed to be since last November(ish) when the first snow fell and I instantly became a rat in a cage. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this family, the kids couldn't wait to get back to their roots either. Speaking of roots, I think a good pair of shoes is very grounding for kids. They're learning to walk, connecting to the world via their feet, exploring with their senses, nerves and tootsies. With the sturdy teal moccasins Ayara received she's more capable than ever of exploring her surroundings, and in style. Bonus for you: these moccs are on SALE right NOW! Boom! Also, have I mentioned before what a rat's nest girlfriend's hair can be when she wakes up in the morning? Since chopping mine short I've had the same issue. The solution is Rocks and Roots Apparel's upcycled leather mama/baby bands. They tie in the easiest of ways at the nape of the neck, never requiring wandering toddler fingers to pry them away. Also, you noticed those reinforced leather-patch pants, right? Lately, although no longer crawling to get around, Ayara has been blowing through the knees + legs of her pants. What gives? I guess I don't have to worry anymore - she's set for a while with these bad boys.

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