Friday, April 25, 2014

SIMPLE // MOMS (and a giveaway, too!)

Let's get real about something very dear to my heart, very dear to all of our hearts actually. I want to talk about moms. Recently a friend sent me this video about the world's toughest job. I won't spoil it for you yet, but if you haven't seen it I highly encourage you to take the time right now to watch it, then come back. Go ahead! I'll wait.

Now that we've all got tears in our eyes, let's get back to it. The thing is that we all have a "mom". I'm saying it like "this" because your mom and my mom may be very different. My mom is the woman who gave me life, but your mom might be the woman who chose you as her one, when she had a choice of many. Your mom may have stepped in to a mother's place when no one else was able, or a whole other slew of circumstances. Whatever the case is for you, for me, there's a very important day coming up in all of our lives.  A day set aside to remember and appreciate our moms, above and beyond the recognition and appreciation they deserve every. single. day. Mother's Day.
I'm not writing this as a mother, even though I am blessed to have three children in my arms, one in my belly, and the most amazing step-son any mom could ever ask for. I'm writing this as a daughter who, because of the gift of my own children, can appreciate ever so much more the love and devotion mothers are capable of giving, as well as what they deserve, but hardly do (if ever) receive.
You don't have to get sidetracked by the consumerism of Holidays and get all in a huff. If you're not a gift-giving type there is nothing wrong with that. I believe the gift of quality time is something we can give that is beyond compare. However if you, like me, enjoy giving gifts because it gets you going, is your love language, or simply makes you smile, then you're in luck because I've compiled a list of a few different Mother's Day gift ideas for you, you know... to make it easy. Courtesy of the creative minds at
If you know someone who is about to be a mom for the very first time first of all WOW! What an awesome time in someones life! Maybe you'd like to gift them something to celebrate their new news. You can find cute, funny + traditional new mom gifts here. This mug is my personal fave.
Maybe your mom totes you from sport to sport, wakes up even earlier than you and gets in a morning job to keep her head clear all day, or roots you on in the stands. If that sounds like your biggest fan then check out some gifts for a sporty mom.
Does your mom keep the family together as a unit while she (or dad) gets shuffled around the country (or farther!) serving our country?  Then these appreciative gifts for a military mom might suit you. I have a great respect for anyone that takes on a military life + role, including my father, a former member of the Coast Guard, and my husband, a former Marine. Such a great respect.
Like I said before, I get behind quality time 100%, and it's something I love to give to my mom. Since starting a family of my own - even though we live just a few minutes away - I don't get the time with her I'd like. Maybe sending a card is more your style, or your only option because of distance and funds. Whatever the case may be I encourage you to take a moment and let your mom know how amazing you think she is. If there's hurt for you on this day, I hope you you to find peace. Happy Mother's Day, to all the superwomen I know! And happy due date, Beth! xo
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  1. My mom always points out the funniest things in a situation in an effort to make everyone laugh and chill out a bit. Might seem weird at first but it works!

    1. She sounds like someone I'd like to meet! :)

  2. My mom taught me the difference of being greedy, cheap, frugal, and wise.

  3. She picked up music later in life and now loves both collecting and playing the mandolin.


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