Thursday, April 3, 2014


It's been a little, okay - a lot quiet around here, ever since we found out littlest is on his/her way. I chalk it up to pregnancy brain, nicer weather, Birthday season in full swing and a handful of other legitimate but otherwise boring excuses.
So, what have we been up to? That answer is a LONG one! Things have been fun and exhausting at the homestead as of late.
The chickens we brought home almost 4 weeks ago are finally acclimating to the frigid Northern Michigan weather (albeit indoors still) and will be heading outside SOON. Or so we hope. Last weekend while all three kids stayed the night at Grammy's (yep - she's BRAVE) those crazy chickens woke me up out of a perfectly otherwise peaceful night of sleep. Anyway, they won't start laying eggs for a few months but having them as baby chicks simply for the kids' reactions was priceless and not as hard to do as one might think. I highly recommend.
Bob and the kids have started cleaning a space for a brand new swing set to be built in our yard. We live, quite literally, right next to the park BUT with three little ones and constant snacking, napping, clothing changes, etc. having a play set behind the house will be a real dream come true. When we want to swim we can still walk to the beach and get tuckered.

I've been planning, baking and crafting for an upcoming Baby Shower that I am throwing, along with my good lifetime friend Meredith for our sweet lady Beth and her bump (Nyla). It's April Showers themed! Cloud cookies are being baked and packaged today, raindrop garlands were crafted last night, the whole thing is adorableness overload. Stay tuned for photos of the finished, colorful products - as well as a shout out to my girl Courteney at Remix Designs who is helping with the decor.

Speaking of baby (smooth transition, right?) I started reading midwife Patricia Harman's very touching memoir The Blue Cotton Gown - super recommend for all the crunchy, baby-having women in your life. She's choked me up already writing about twin pregnancy, labor and delivery, sex-changes, and her intimate country garden that reminds her of her kids. So diverse. So good.
 Epic Birthday for my insanely good-looking "old man" this week ;)
We're attending a foraging class in May to celebrate more!
Making room for the swing set, dad + twins style
Picked that wheelbarrow up for $free.99 this week, too!
 first we planted...
 now it grows!
 Introducing: LL Cool Tay
 Monkey boy
 Birthday swans - nomnom
 Sunning the chickies while dad cleans the pen
finally... time for me.
birthday card/coloring book from my thoughtful hubs, and my favorite- colored sharpies

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