Friday, April 4, 2014


When we found out on March 16th that we are going to be welcoming a littlest Hebel into our family one of my first thoughts was "How can we announce this pregnancy, pregnancy number three / baby number four, in a way that's fun? When we found out we were pregnant with the twins in Nevada we were so stoked we called everyone that same day. When we realized Ayara was on her way, just five short months after the boys were born, we were in a tiny bit of shock (even though she was definitely planned!) and called everyone with that news, too.
We don't know how many babies or pregnancies we'll be blessed with, it's time to have a little fun with this one! To tell my mom I tried to place a sprinkle in her hand. At that time baby was the size of a candy sprinkle, she and I love sweets - it seemed cute. She was so anxious about my putting it in her hand, however, that I almost gave up! When we told her the sprinkle was the size of the baby in my belly she said "Are you crappin' me?". Words I never want to forget.
That all happened with my mom on March 24th, the eve of my Birthday and the day before baby's first ultrasound. We decided that we wanted to share the news with whomever was coming the next day, my Birthday, to an impromptu Birthday Potluck. I googled pregnancy announcements, played around on pinterest a while and became inspired to try homemade paper fortune cookies. I'm so glad I did! They're super easy to make and obviously totally adorbs.

In attendance at the Potluck was: my dad + his wife, my brother + his gf, some of our close friends: Meredith, the Klein's (about 36 weeks pregnant, too!), and that's about it. Some of the greatest and most loved people in our lives. It all seemed surreal. We made giant sub sandwiches (I'm craving Subway BIG time) and I attempted a "tie dye" cake. It was buko fun.
The ultrasound in the morning revealed one baby with a strong heartbeat. What a huge blessing! I was measuring right where I should be at that time: 6 weeks, and everything looked great! 
To make you need: cardstock, a circle to trace (cup, bowl, protractor, etc.), pencil to mark, fortunes for inside and a hot glue gun (with glue).
  • Cut out a circle and gently fold in half, but don't crease yet
  • Crease just the center inch of the fold
  • Unfold and refold so the crease is perpendicular to the new fold
  • Push in the crease until paper starts to bend and fold
  • Reopen and place fortune inside
  • Gently close and glue shut using one drop of hot glue
  • Hold for a moment while it dries
That's it! Get creative in the ways you use these, they're adorable and so so fun!
PS- I back-posted some preggo updates, if you're interested:

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